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夫妻生活7种姿势:But Do You Have Antibodies, Cousin Greg?

Photo: Nicholas Braun/Youtube

Yesterday Cousin Greg from Succession, aka the actor Nicolaus Braun, released a song about the things that have been on everyone’s mind: love… and COVID-19. The song called “Antibodies (Do You Have Them)” is an anthem about dating amidst a pandemic, and the hook goes like this: “Do you have the antibodies? / Do you want to be with me? / Because if you don’t / You better stay away.”

In the music video, the recent Emmy nominee is wearing a beanie, fingerless gloves, and singing while fake-playing a guitar in what appears to be an abandoned construction site in the Tri-state area. The video functions at once as a showcase of Braun’s talents, and as a public health announcement (his lyrics include warnings to keep your mask on, stay six feet apart, and he wears a protective face covering the entire time.)

While several of my colleagues found the video almost unbearable to watch, I strongly disagree.?The truth is, I’m hot for Cousin Greg, which I didn’t realize until he arrived at the Golden Globes looking like this:

All of this is to say, the guy is clearly hot, and safe.?My only question is: Cousin Greg, do you have the antibodies?

Photo: Nicholas Braun/Youtube
But Do You Have Antibodies, Cousin Greg?